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Education is a “Human System” not a Mechanical one./

It is best when it is :

1). Personal

2). Close to Community

3). Is rich in “Human caring”.


The Role of and Education Leader is “to create a climate of possibilities”, not to dictate.  As Ben Franklin node, the world is full of humans who are either Immovable, moveable or movers – those who get things done by creating environments of possibilities.


Check out this TED video by Ken Robison “How to escape EDUCATIONS DEATH VALLEY.


The Single Most Important Thing You Can Give To a Child…

(Author’s Note: The following story is excerpted from my new book: If Jesus Had a Child)

The most important need of a child is to feel loved. However, not just any kind of love will do. To be effective, it has to be a special kind of love called “unconditional love.” Unconditional love is unearned love, and it is life-changing for children fortunate enough to receive it from a caring adult.

Years ago, a professor at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, gave a group of graduate students an assignment. They were to go to the slums, select 200 boys between the ages of twelve and sixteen, investigate their backgrounds and environment, and then predict the kids’ future. After interviewing the boys, gathering as much data as they could, and comparing it to social statistics, the students predicted that 90% of the boys would spend some time in jail.

Twenty-five years later, another group of graduate students at Johns Hopkins was given the job of testing the prediction. They went back to the slum area. Some of the boys–who were now men–still lived there. A few had died. But the students got in touch with 180 out of the original 200 kids. They found that only four of the group had ever been sent to jail.

Why was it that these men, who had been raised in a breeding ground of crime, had such a surprisingly good record? In the course of their interviewing the men, the researchers were constantly told, “Well, there was this teacher….” The researchers pressed further and discovered that, in 75% of the cases, it was the same teacher.

The students located the teacher in a retirement home. They asked her how she had exerted such a remarkable influence over this group of former slum children. Could she give them any reasons why these men should have remembered her? She said, “No, I really can’t.” Then, as she thought back over the years, she said meditatively, more to herself than to the researchers, “I sure did love those boys….”

That teacher intuitively loved those young men. She loved them just as they came to her: loud, raunchy, caring, quiet, unkempt, self-centered, cool, and shy. She loved them for who they were–precious children of God–and her love and her faith in them prompted them to rise to her expectations. It’s the job of every adult who interacts with children—especially those of us who are parents and teachers.

Copyright  B. Glenn Wilkerson


GOOD NEWS ABOUT THE ARK PROGRAMS AT LONESTAR College, University Park, Houston, Texas

The ARKFamily has really been fortunate to be located at LoneStar College, University Park and to have wonderful opportunities to interact with students and personnel at the College during the second quarter of 2013. We continue to receive many kind e-mails and words of encouragement and support over the last ten months and are having many wonderful students and parents attend our sessions at University Park.


Our Thanks to Lone Star College and all the staff at University Park for your care and help. You have helped us to strengthen our opportunities which have made these endorsements for our programs so heart- warming.  Glenn, Peggy, Jan, Martha, Quintina, and I greatly appreciate you and keep you in our thoughts.


ARK for Parents to 26 Elementary schools in Spring ISD and 17 Intermediate schools in Spring and Aldine ISDs has continued for the third year of a 6 year Dropout Prevention project with 2013 9th Grade Teacher FALL trainings scheduled for August through October. The Intermediate Initiative is a six-year project beginning with ARK for Teachers in the 7th, 8th and 9th grades through 12 grade teachers over a six-year project. Sam Houston State University College of Education is continuing research on the project and is providing assistance and analysis for the Research Study for the project. In the Fall of 2013, we are adding Cy Fair Independent School District to our programs.  Additionally, we have six Juvenile Justice Courts using ARK for Parents and ARK for Teens programs in the 2nd quarter of the year.

EDUCATIONAL HI-LITES – Lone Star University Park Campus:

2013 ARK programs for Teachers and Parents impacting the lives of kids.

ARK has offered 34 sessions both in the University Conference Center and our offices through 6 months of 2013. The classes have included courses for Divorcing Parents, ARK for Parents, and facilitator training for community center groups, 

The ARK for College Students programs Facilitator training has been completed for the Lone Star Victor Center, Harris County, Tomball and University Park campuses with the new program curriculum developed for the freshmen and sophomore classes. A revised ARK for College Students Manual was published and the new lessons on video have been developed. We are continuing with our Head Start Parenting and Teacher programs at Avance (15 schools) with training sessions completed in January and a celebration luncheon in May. Additionally, Teacher programs are under way in Houston ISD, Aldine ISD, Spring ISD, and Klein ISD. Additionally, we have continue to roll out refinements to our new delivery methodologies using Moodle with Aldine and Spring ISD with a grant from the Rockwell Fund to implement a 6 year project at 17 Middle Schools for Teachers. This dropout prevention project is addressing graduation rate improvements and will also track college applications including those to Lone Star’s system.   We have a lot of challenges to resolve with this project, but both of us love challenges and these kinds of project are what we love to do.



Our volunteers are offering ARK for Parents at nine State Jails. The young men and women who complete the Program will begin seeing their lives outside of the parenting practices they have received from generation to generation within their families of origin. We know they will return to their homes with new insights, which will open a world of hope, faith and contribution.

We now have ten Juvenile Justice Programs, and Judge Kent Adams’ court has sent us some 400 families for sessions of ARK for Parents and ARK for Teens through June.

 We are on-track to impact over 1200 new families with children passing through the Juvenile Justice systems and some 500+ women and men in our State Jails during 2013.

The volunteers for these programs meet regularly at the Lone Star University Campus for planning and discussion.

If you are interested in volunteering to become intentional in the lives of KIDS. Call us at 281-537-1301 or check us out on our website at

Dr. Glenn Wilkerson


Dr. B. Glenn Wilkerson is the President and founder of the ARK (Adults Relating to Kids) Program and the ARKGroup, Inc.   He is also an accomplished author, a widely-traveled speaker, and workshop leader.

Dr. Wilkerson is the author of Trekking:  Searching for Love and Self-Esteem.  With keen insight and a gift for storytelling, Trekking explores spiritual and psychological dynamics that contribute to an enhanced sense of self-worth.

He is a native of Odessa, Texas, and a graduate of the University of Texas, Union Theological Seminary and Brite Divinity School (Texas Christian University). Together with his wife, Karen, they have four children and five grandchildren.

Dr. Wilkerson has served on the White House Task Force on Youth, Drugs and Violence, and was voted “Man of the Year” in Northwest Houston.

Dr. Wilkerson can be contacted at:

Welcome to ARK!

Welcome to our blog page!


The ARK (Adults Relating to Kids) Program is a revolutionary, research-based approach utilizing unconditional love to build children’s self-esteem.


ARK currently is being shared in schools, churches, prisons, juvenile courts, women’s shelters, childcare facilities, and corporations (as an employee benefit). It is research-based and field-tested. ARK makes a tremendous difference in the quality of life shared by children and their families and schools!


The program is a employs a peer-mentoring, small-group process for parents, teachers, and caregivers, thereby enabling adults to set in motion new parenting and teachers behaviors that will enhance the lives of their children and their children’s children for generations to come. The ARK Program employs manuals, DVDs, and discussion groups and includes the following courses: ARK for Parents and Caregivers (English and Spanish), ARK for Christian Parents (English and Spanish), ARK for Teachers, ARK for College, ARK for Teens, ARK for Kids, and ARK for Divorced Parents. While offerring a plethora of programming for all age groups, ARK’s primary focus is working with parents and teachers –who are the primary adults in children’s lives.

General Information

New, ground-breaking research conducted by the ARKGroup in cooperation with the University of Texas School of Public Health (Houston) provides a new paradigm for understanding how self-esteem is generated in children. This research shows the essential connection between a child’s sense of self-esteem and his receiving unconditional love from an adult who is  primary in that child’s life. It involves a parent, teacher, counselor, etc. saying to a young person, “Make no mistake about it, I will discipline your misbehavior. However, you are my child (student), and I love you; and, no matter what you do, I will always love you.” This gift of unconditonal love allows a child to value herself in spite of her imperfections and is the key to high self-esteem and a postive self-concept.

Feel free to contact us with questions  concerning ARK and/or starting an ARK program:
ARK (Adults Relating to Kids)
(281) 537-1301

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